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GSA Schedule

US Federal agencies and other eligible organizations can easily access NuStats research services through the US General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule for Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services (MOBIS), Federal Schedule 874-3. A GSA Schedule is a fully negotiated and in-place contract vehicle for easily procuring services and products. Please access the GSA advantage website for more information:

GSA Advantage Website

Contract Information
Schedule Title : Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services (MOBIS)
Contract Number : GS-10F-1072N
Schedule : SIN 874-3: Survey Services


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Expert consultation, assistance, and deliverables associated with all aspects of surveying within the context of MOBIS. Contractors assist or perform all phases of the survey process including, but not limited to:

  • Sampling and survey development

  • Survey database administration

  • Administering surveys using various types of data collection methods

  • Pretest/pilot surveying

  • Assessing reliability and validity of data

  • Analyses of quantitative and qualitative survey data


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Director of Contracts

206 Wild Basin Road, Suite A-300
Austin, Texas 78746

Phone: 512-306-9065
Fax: 512-306-9077
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