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NuStats is a leading travel and transportation research consultancy since 1984. The company specializes in project surveys and studies across multiple disciplines including Travel Behavior, Transit, Health, Education, Social Policy, etc.

In addition, company's in-house information technology team has produced software toolsets for web & mobile platforms to assist and expand business research & user groups, data collection quality, and operations cost optimization. NuStats President is headed by Dr. Martin Kunzmann.

2012 - Present

  • NuStats Completes Management Buy-Out

  • NuTripX web survey application released at TRB conference, Washington DC

  • RouteScout application released for Real-Time GPS & Activity Logging for Travel Surveys

  • RideTrack application released for on-board transit surveys data collection

  • Tablet OnBoard Surveys released for mobile survey technology

  • Latino Travel Tracker, Chicago-IL Survey

  • Buffalo-NY COG OnBoard Survey

  • North Texas COG OnBoard Survey


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