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July 23, 2012


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TrafficBug® app could bring much needed direction to race goers

(AUSTIN, TX) Survey results released today by Austin-based NuStats, reveal that Formula 1 fans expect traffic to be a major obstacle to race day fun. The transportation research firm, which recently helped launch the TrafficBug® app with strategic partner Mygistics, surveyed 363 attendees at the F1 Expo, held on June 16-17, to analyze how Central Texans intended to travel to the Formula 1 Race, and gauge their expectations about transportation and traffic during the race as well as other large events in Central Texas. Not surprisingly, traffic was a key concern.

According to Martin Kunzmann, President of NuStats, the largest concern shown by the survey is the number of respondents who were unsure about how they will access the race facility or were misinformed about their travel options. "About one in five F1 fans plan on driving to the track on race day and another 20 percent still don't know how they will access the race. Most already believe that traffic will be incredibly bad on race day. With only four months until the race it is clear that the average race-goer lacks knowledge about the best way to get to the track. Unless rectified, traffic on race day could live up to expectations and give Formula 1 racing a black eye in the Capital City," Kunzmann said.

Mygistics, launched TrafficBug®-the Commuter?s Companion at the June F1 Expo. This web-based and SmartPhone app uses world-class logistics tools to provide drivers with personalized traveler information, and is able to direct them to their destination in the shortest amount of time possible. Using smart and mobile technologies like TrafficBug®, NuStats is creating a national travelers database that will inform transportation management and planning. Such an app could improve the readiness and ease of both traffic organizers and event travelers alike.

"Fear of traffic delays keeps people off roads and away from the city's businesses and major events," Kunzmann said. "Residents and visitors to Austin will likely be searching for alternative routes to those most direct routes to the events. This is the perfect opportunity for folks to test drive the TrafficBug app to avoid major delays on race day."

Race fans predicted incredibly bad traffic on race day when compared to other special events or daily rush-hour traffic. While 84 percent of respondents indicated that Austin traffic affects their daily travel, only 10 percent considered it "incredibly bad." By comparison, 63 percent of those surveyed estimated that traffic on the day of the race would be "incredibly bad," far higher than the normal traffic woes of Austin's highways.

Fortunately, a large percentage of those planning to attend the race have smart phones-at least 78 percent. These attendees also think that an app geared toward traffic detailing their options is a great way to disseminate information about the logistics of attending the race. Such an app, with the potential to deliver individualized route recommendations to race goers, could go a long way in getting people to the track and efficiently make for a more enjoyable experience. Eighty-four percent of respondents believe that Austin traffic delays bother them on a regular basis to some degree, suggesting that a tool to help improve the driving time of Austinites could be in high demand .


Austin-based NuStats, a research firm specializing in transportation and mobility issues and a strategic partner with Mygistics, is teaming up to launch TrafficBug to the world.

With a shared concern about congestion on our nation?s highways, NuStats is using TrafficBug subscriptions as a green incentive tool to encourage research participation. Using smart and mobile technologies like TrafficBug, NuStats is creating a national travelers database that will inform transportation management and planning.

Over the course of the next four months, beginning with the Formula Expo and continuing through the fall Formula 1 race, NuStats will study and produce a series of traffic management recommendations on introducing large events to communities. Those recommendations will be incorporated into traffic management planning and TrafficBug, in addition to being shared with the public

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