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NuStats has established itself as a central player in local and regional transit studies by effectively and successfully executing major mass transit and transportation studies across the U.S. These include ridership and origin-destination patterns and conduct, fare studies, Title VI Inclusion, park-and-ride studies, as well as measuring customer satisfaction, preferences for new services and amenities, and detailed analysis of transit markets and their transportation needs.

NuStats’ expertise is not limited to the collection of transit research survey data, it includes integrated survey programs with complex sampling approaches; program branding for marketing the survey to the public and survey participants; design and production of high-quality, attractive respondent materials; and the application of sophisticated market segmentation techniques for data reduction and analysis purposes.

Selected Recent Clients:

  • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

  • Pace Suburban Bus Services

  • Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

  • Southeast Michigan Council of Governments

  • Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments

  • Florida Department of Transportation

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