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Web survey application for geocode address mapping, travel mode, location activities

productNuTripX™ is the latest web application product in communicating and interacting with survey respondents with speed and usability in a mobile world. Integrated with survey science methodologies and the latest web technology suites, this application is part of the extensive research toolbox in achieving the high response rates and the highest quality data for which NuStats is known.

NuTripX™ is a mapping tool designed for web-based data collection and offers real-time geocoding, mapping features, a routing function, data verification and validation, and is customized to better meet the needs of both survey respondents and transportation modelers.

NuTripX’s key structural features make it:

  • High-Tech – NuTripX™ can be fully integrated with other mapping tools and resources or vendors.

  • Modern – Delivery platforms include Web Browser, SmartApp, and TabletPC.

  • Simple – Its structure requires minimal user data entry.

  • Accurate – The Geocoding feature requires no user input; speed, time, and distance calculations are extracted from GoogleMaps.

  • User-friendly – The survey experience is updated from a one-sided list of questions to a dialogue with the application.

  • Logical – Overall travel data are built into a series as opposed to one trip at a time.

  • Intuitive – Built-in quality checks ensure clean entry by the user.

  • Multi-Lingual – Displays in English, Spanish, and German.

NuTripX™ is a third-generation software that will entirely change and improve the user experience while addressing two significant factors related to collecting household travel survey data. Its sophisticated geocoding and mapping features will make it the most accurate data collection tool to date and responds to the most important driver of household travel survey quality: real-time validation of the accuracy, plausibility, and completeness of respondent-reported data.

Secondly, NuTripX™ takes a conversational approach to survey data collection. The easier it is for respondents to report travel data, the more robust and representative the data are. This web application will bridge scientific survey data collection to the social media experience by modernizing and simplifying the look and feel of participating in a travel behavior survey.

NuTripX™ is designed to be an ever-evolving application that easily allows for additional improvements, applications, and features. Future versions will incorporate multi-modal collection encompassing a full suite of web survey hardware platforms, including PC, SmartApp, and TabletPC. NuStats demonstrated NuTripX™ web application at TRB Conference - Washington DC, January 2012.


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