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productState-of-the-art data collection for on-board transit surveys

RideTrack represents the latest developments in onboard survey methodology at NuStats. A custom-developed product, it encapsulates years of data collection and processing experience in a purpose-built smartphone platform using the latest modern technology.

Rapid Data Collection

RideTrack’s touch-screen interface enables survey staffers to rapidly count boarding and alighting passengers. Integrated QR code scanning enables rapid processing of survey cards. And support for asynchronous post-trip scanning ensures that all passenger activity can be captured even in peak travel periods.

Correlated Boarding-Alighting Pairs

RideTrack employs NuStats’ latest methodologies for capturing matched boarding-alighting pairs for each participating passenger. QR-encoded survey cards are scanned at each passenger’s boarding and alighting stop, providing accurate recording of all trips.

Capture Short Trips

The use of QR scanning technology streamlines survey operations, making elusive short trips easier to capture.

Real-Time Verification

RideTrack includes Verify Count screens enabling survey staff to verify and correct on-board passenger counts at each stop, improving data quality and minimizing hours spent cleaning data in post-collection research.

Deeper Analysis

NuStats is using RideTrack to capture more data than ever before, with the option to accurately capture dwell times at each stop, unscheduled stops, route deviations, and more. In addition, on-board counters can count important rider populations such as bicycle riders, wheelchair passengers, passengers with strollers, inbound or outbound airport passengers, and more.


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